Consider Bankruptcy to Overcome Debt

Consult a bankruptcy attorney in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Are you having a hard time managing your mounting debt? When your debt has spiraled out of control, there are options for moving forward. Moldenhauer Law Office can discuss whether or not filing for bankruptcy is the best choice for you.

Before you continue to worsen your financial situation, seek guidance from an attorney in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

What does it mean to file bankruptcy?

What does it mean to file bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding in which individual debts are discharged. Moldenhauer Law Office is committed to helping our clients resolve their debts in the most efficient way possible.

Attorney Moldenhauer will take an in-depth look into your financial circumstances and help you determine whether you should file Chapter 7, Chapter 13 or debt amortization.

  • Chapter 7 – Often the fastest path to debt relief. Individuals who qualify for Chapter 7 are able to discharge their debts while safeguarding many of their personal assets.
  • Chapter 13 – During this process, debts are reorganized into a three-to-five year payment plan. At the end of the payment plan, the remaining debt is discharged.
  • Debt amortization – If eligible, you can create a plan to repay certain debts in installment payments over a three-year period.

To learn more about your options, get in touch with Moldenhauer Law Office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin today.