Why should I contact your office and not a large national tax relief organization?
Generally speaking when you contact a large national tax relief organization you will be talking with a salesperson who is interested in getting you signed up with their firm and not with a person who will be representing you. When you contact Moldenhauer Law Office you will be talking with the tax attorney who will be handling your case.

There are advertisements that I can settle my tax debt for pennies on the dollar. Are these ads true?
While it is possible that someone's tax debt could be settled for pennies on the dollar, it most cases it may not be possible. A determination of what would be an amount that is acceptable to the IRS can only be made after a complete review of your specific circumstances is done by a tax attorney with experience in dealing with the IRS.

Why should I use a tax attorney and not my accountant or tax preparer?
Your accountant or tax preparer may have experience in preparing your tax returns or other financial reports, they may not have the experience necessary in dealing with the IRS or WDOR in tax collection matters. You need a tax attorney who has experience in reviewing financial information and the relevant statute of limitations on collection to determine whether an Offer in Compromise is in your best interests.