You Have the Right to Appeal

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Did you know that you can appeal some decisions made by the IRS or the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDOR)? Moldenhauer Law Office is prepared to guide you through the entire tax appeals process.

Attorney Moldenhauer has 35+ years of experience in dealing with tax matters. That’s why you can trust him to help you fight for your rights and help you file for appeal.

To start the appeals process, call Moldenhauer Law Office in Eau Claire, Wisconsin today.

Legal success you can depend on

Legal success you can depend on

Over three decades, the attorney at Moldenhauer Law Office has successfully represented clients in a wide range of IRS and WDOR appeals, including those regarding:

  • IRS audit determinations
  • Non-filer deficiencies
  • Adverse decisions regarding offers in compromise
  • Adverse decisions regarding installment agreements
  • Adverse decisions regarding innocent spouse relief

To discuss your tax issues and to learn more about the appeals process, call 715-835-7677 today.